CycleAmerica2014.. Chapter 2: Superman lives in Canada

9 08 2014

After the weirdest night “couch surfing”, which is not riding a sofa on a huge wave like something out of Big Wednesday (film worth watching) but the bizarre world of turning up at some strangers home and sleeping on their couch for the night, jolly handshake next morning with a goodbye and off you go… Yup, that’s how it went…

So today we headed to the border for Canada! Unlike the Mexican border where it’s a fortress we casually drove up handed our passports over answered a few questions and off we went to seek out a Mountie riding a Moose.. But that wish didn’t come true but we did however find where they filmed Smallville! Armed with my Superman t-shirt I looked like a geek out of The Big Bang Theory but there I was getting my picture taken outside the Kent Farm and Talon in various Superman poses because I am that cool.. However it was Steve’s turn to be the kid on Christmas Day as he couldn’t contain his excitement of seeing the farm… joyfully explaining every detail of it while Having his picture taken against every possible angle… Bless 🙂 and then (by chance) coming across an Esquires Coffee House! Possibly one of his best days in his life… 

So headed back to America where again got crossed examined at border control and asked if we have any weapons… I wanted to state just the one in my pants but best not… I drove for about 200+ miles today and I’m not a fan of American roads.. the speed limits are far too low… though did drive through some beautiful scenery!

The day has been brilliant and we finished it off by going up the Space Needle for dinner! Even though we have gone bankrupt to pay for it, it was a fantastic time with fantastic food, service and scenery! The restaurant itself actually spins and as you dine you get a full rotation of the skyline every 47 minutes… It was a great evening spent with two fine gentlemen… McDonalds Dollar Menu tomorrow night I think 😉

One more day and then we start cycling!




2 responses

20 08 2014

what about mentioning the two cute girls you met at the top of the space needle! that had a bet going on at their table to guess your accents?! 😉

10 08 2014
martyn walker

Hi son ,,Glad your having a wicked time . and can i say your blogs have carried on like the last lot you sent in 2010 absolutely brilliant and funny ,take care on that bike and be safe ,look forward too hearing of your future experiances over there and reading these blogs , love you . Dad x

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