CycleAmerica2014.. Chapter 3: Can I buy a fish, a puppy and a big shoe…

10 08 2014

After getting over the disappointment of not seeing a Mountie riding a Moose yesterday I got to instead see whales pushing trolleys around in Walmart instead.. The sites you see in that place…

Got to pass the car keys over to Nathan today as he takes over the driving for the next 11 days.. It was nice to be sat in the back being chauffeured about and doze off, as Nath takes over the swearing and having to do u-turns because of going down the wrong road.. I’ll be back behind the wheel once we get to San Francisco though..

Once we escaped Walmart and sorted ourselves out with the car we headed to the Pike Place Market.. rated as the best tourist attraction in Seattle, even before the Space Needle, a place where you can find anything.. from fish to puppies to the biggest shoe museum… Very quirky market and by chance we stumbled across the first ever Starbucks! So after waiting for the Chinese tourists to take their pictures outside the coffee shop, we got our own done in the few seconds they took to change their memory card and joined the 3 hour queue (slightly exaggerated) Now I’m not a fan of Coffee and the amount of times I have been to a Starbucks you could count on one hand and still have fingers left., but one of them is the original coffee shop that started back in 1971.. and all it did was sell coffee beans.. so that was pretty cool…

Early night tonight as we start cycling tomorrow, bright and early from the Space Needle… Looking forward to it, especially as we do one single mile then we catch the ferry for the next 10! 😉 We do have 77 miles to smash the granny out off after that, but a great start… So yeah, I’m over here again in America cycling a bike, in what I hope will be another series of adventures and events! I’m doing it for charity but I’m also doing it for shits and giggles too… I enjoy the experience rather than the miles 🙂 it doesn’t seem like it has been 3 years since I was last doing this across the width of America… 3000 miles from North Carolina to Los Angeles, I feel like I never left and just carrying on…

Again… We are doing this to support the charity Coffee Kids, so please check down your sofa and donate what you find (money wise, not half of a digestive biscuit) be much appreciated!





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