CycleAmerica2014.. Game Over.

12 08 2014

The first day of cycling had come after having a fantastic few days in Seattle. We were up early as we were going to catch the ferry at 8:30 in the morning! Bikes were ready, the lycra on, we headed to the Space Needle to begin. Took a few “promo” pictures with the banner… I was happy it was really early in the morning as I felt like a bit of a tit, and not to many people were about to stare at us.. and we set off towards the ferry port.. all we did was a mile and a half and we were there… but Nathan wasn’t! Driving on his own for the first time and he got a bit lost! Which resulted in us missing the first ferry! Disaster… but I just figured it’s a great time to have breakfast. There is always a silver lining 😉

After insulting my digestive system with a “breakfast sub” that contained steak and cheese the next ferry was arriving an hour and a half later and we boarded en route to Bremerton. The ferry ride was awesome.. as we sailed away we could see the Seattle Skyline and it was a beautiful sight.. with fresh sea air, jellyfish and a dog on the boat trying to sniff my leg it had it all… but an hour later we arrived into port and it was time to get back on the bikes. Hour and a half behind schedule Steve and I got a good start on the day and soon smashed out the first 37 miles.. to a town called Shelton. Here was our meeting point with Nathan and we were 40 mins early! We really got a great start on the day… We insulted our digestive system again this time with a “meatball sub” and refilled our bottles with ice… Steve was keen to get going to make up for the time we lost at the ferry port and so headed off on his own, while I waited on Nathan to turn up and would catch him up. Nathan arrives and shortly after we headed down the route to catch up with Steve… but we couldn’t find him…

We went up the route all the way until we reached a point where the road had been closed off, unsure whether Steve had gone this far we tried contacting him, but America cell phone signal is shocking and had no signal.. Unsure we tried both of the alternative routes he could have gone, but again no sign of him… The closest was a redneck on his bike carrying his scooped up roadkill for the BBQ later.. so we back tracked thinking he may have stopped somewhere and we missed him. Still no luck and nothing from phoning and texting him, we started to worry and after a few hours decided it was time to head to a police station.. As we followed the scent of coffee and doughnuts to the nearest one we got a call from Steve’s mobile and it was the hospital…which we learned the fate of Steve, in that he had been hit by a car that swerved into him at about 40mph. Arriving at the hospital all the way back in Seattle that took us 2 hours in the traffic we saw him… A broken wrist, broken bones in his lower back and 6 broken ribs he isn’t in the best of states, but luckily nothing that will be long term! His face looked better though.. 😉 But unfortunately it meant that less than 40 miles into the trip, it is game over for CycleAmerica2014

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and maybe what has happened shows the risk we put ourselves at doing these challenges. Our first trip it was me that landed in hospital.. But I didn’t hurt myself as bad and was released in half a day.. So maybe what has happened to Steve could pull on the heart strings a little and donate to our charity Coffee Kids. Many thanks.






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22 08 2014

Hey guys! Met you on top of the space needle before your ride! (Blonde with a white dress) I was just wondering about how your journey went. I’m sorry it didn’t go so well. I wish I gave you guys our number so we could of helped you out while you were in Seattle. Let me know if you guys are goinh to Cali in the future, since you didn’t make it this time. I wish Steve a speedy recovery! if you guys have an Instagram my name is cammerzz or email


19 08 2014
16 08 2014
Lee Harrison

Hi guys
Just heard the bad news 😦 tell Steven im thinking of him and I hope he has a speedy recovery.


12 08 2014

Wow, so sorry to hear the news guys. Contribution headed Coffee Kids way tonight!

12 08 2014
Valerie Baker

So sorry to hear this 😦 I will give Carrall a donation when I see her next X

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