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13 08 2014

With Steve in hospital bed bound with his injuries, Nathan and I had to sort ourselves out! Unfortunately at near midnight there isn’t a lot of options available to you… so after finding ourselves out of the hospital we drove around for a little while trying to figure out what to do… and turned to our hero Ronald McDonald. Say what you like about McDonalds but there advert about them always being there when you need them is the truth! Ever get in the shit, head to a Maccy Ds, grab something to eat and use the wifi! Plus they didn’t have issues with the horsemeat scandal… their beef is beef.. take note, unlike Burger Horse King and Kentucky Fried Mutant.. but yeah, the relief seeing those golden arches…

Out of options we decide we’ll sleep in the car.. we were in an area called Kent off the I-5… but fearing for our safety from the obvious crackheads tripping (the intense staring was creepy) and the wheels on the car (didn’t fancy waking up to being up on bricks, though impressive that would have been) we headed back to where we stayed the night before and slept in the carpark of a motel… the irony! No room at the inn, so the car was the stable…

Rough night for us and with little sleep we headed back towards the city at 5:30 in the morning straight to the nearest McDonalds to the hospital for a bit of breakfast and the wifi! We stayed at this McDonalds for a couple of hours as we waited to hear when we could get Steve (the hospital told us the day before he would be released in the morning) after being up for almost 5 hours we call them only to be told that Steve isn’t being released..

Annoyed and tired, we desperately needed to shower and change clothes which wd had been in the last day and tried contacting motels with no luck. Our best idea at this point was find a park and get an hour or so sleep.. so we turned to the most unhelpfully thing in the world… our Sat Nav (GPS) keyed in a local park to which the bastard thing directed us to a Park and Ride! Refraining Nathan from ended it’s life by driving over it… we just stayed there, got out of the car and slept on the side of the grass verge like bums… i was half expecting to wake up to quarters and dimes thrown at me..

So after getting a nap on an ants nest we headed to back to the city once again to find a McDonalds to use their wifi (gonna have to write Ronald a thank you note) and try again to find a place to stay… but wherever we tried no luck. So out of ideas I asked our friends and followers on Facebook for any suggestions… The response we got from that was overwelming and i do deeply appreciate the efforts friends and strangers a like put in to helping us out, so from myself and also Nathan a massive thank you!

From the help Steve’s cousin Jeremy put us in contact with a friend he had in Seattle called Andre, and it was with him who we got to stay with. Andre’s house is possibly one of best homes I’ve ever been in! He lived in a boathouse, which is basically a home that floated on the water, this one on Lake Union. Fitted with a boat and a number of inflatables Nathan and I was soon diving into the water for a swim! Even the neighbour was the house used in the Tom Hanks movie Sleepless in Seattle! Amazing what you discover.. As we floated peacefully on the lake on inflatable chairs it was such a difference from the night before sleeping in the car. We had a shower and changed into clean clothes and went out for something to eat that wasn’t provided by McDonald’s… good old American bar with American sized portions… happy.

It had been a rollercoaster 48 hours.. but with the help and genorosity of strangers we went from feeling like paupers to kings… and puts faith in the human race that we are still willing to help each other regardless of whether we know them or not… Google couldn’t help us or laterooms and neither could expedia and the others.. but you guys did! So simply… Thank you.

We got ourselves in this situation by trying to embark on a challenge to raise awareness and money for the charity Coffee Kids that help children and their families to have a better life.. I hope our sacrifices and what we put ourselves through for these people we don’t know and will never meet are not lost, and with the help and generosity of others the world can be a better place for a few people more…





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20 08 2014

OMG! i just read all of your blog posts!!! I hope Steve is okay! and I’m sorry you guys couldn’t finish your quest to LA! I was hoping we could all meet up again at one point!

Positive vibes and good energy go out to Steve in his recovery! Thank you guys for all that you did for this charity! I donated to Coffee Kids on Steve, Nathan, and your behalf for all the work you guys did to rasie awareness!

Come visit me and Camie in LA sometime!

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