About Me

The way I am

As I’ve already said and I guess you may already know that I’m Dayle, and after 26 years on this orbiting planet known as Earth I am taking on what I will describe as a mission…
Along with the very one that is Steven Prime we are both going to cycle across America on a bike each and hope to do a full 3300 miles through sheer stamina, strength, luck and dogged determination our little framed bodies can handle, and why? Well I don’t know yet….when I have an answer I’ll say. Some are saying we’re crazy, some brave…but I reckon it’s a bit of both.

So anyway a little run down of me…the basics are; I’m a guy, born in the 80s and my favourite brand of toothpaste is Colgate.

I’m really good at;
Everything! Unless I’m not good at it…

The first thing(s) people usually notice about me;
If I’m not wearing any clothes it’ll be that…
But if I have to be serious then the fact I’m a blue-eyed boy (unless you’re colourblind, then they’re grey) which at times seems to be unusual with some people!?

My favourite books, movies, music, and food;
Books – Dot-to-Dot & Colouring
Movies – Anything that isn’t crap
Music – I prefer music that a) has words in b) you can make out what those words are
Food – Anything edible and isn’t poisonous

The six things I could never do without;
Football, women, banana milkshake, chocolate, my bed and football

One fact about myself;
I’ve travelled the world (I used planes and didn’t do it in 80 days…)

On a typical Friday night I am;
Wondering what the hell happened on Thursday night!? And why I’m covered in red paint…? And why is there a raccoon in my bathroom!? I’m gonna need a pointy stick….hmm, the mysteries of a night out

The most private thing I’m willing to admit;
That my pin number is 4492

What I would like to be doing right now;
I would be sitting on a beach sipping ice cold fruit juices with little umbrellas in (as a guy, I’m only allowed to do this while on a beach, so I’ll take advantage of the loophole)

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Thanks 🙂


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