Obviously with anything as epic as this we are doing our best for charity and our support goes to an organisation known as Coffee Kids in which we are hoping to raise £4000.

Coffee kids staff work with local organisations to create programs in education, health awareness, microcredit and food security in coffee family communities. These efforts allow coffee farmers to reduce their dependence on the volatile coffee market and confront the most pressing community needs.
Since it was formed in 1998, Coffee Kids has raised and distributed over $4 million in funds to help coffee farming families in their efforts to improve the quality of their lives.

If you would like to help support or are able to give any donation please visit

Or help by the link below.


Any donation/contribution is greatly appreciated, and any exceptional amounts will be awarded as a Special Thanks on the credits of the documentary. Many thanks

You can find me on the following:

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3 responses

19 08 2014
Duncan Cox

Hi, A fellow Brit cyclist in Seattle here, sorry to hear about the setback, let me know if I can help out. – Duncan

27 08 2011
Martyn Walker

hello son. well another surprise for you ive joined this facebook soo i can eventually send you a message that yur mum has been doing every night bless her.well were do i start as well as i hope you get this in time as you finish your epic journey which i have followed every day……..what one hell of a journey and experiance you have had in the last 30 days a three week story from start to finish that you will repeat many times now in your lifetime..Of course the first thing i have to say to you is how proud i am of you and your resileance ,to the imense sunburn you have suffered must been to painful for me to think about but i think your adelerrin kept you going cant wait to see you and listen to all the storys you have to tell us and the amazing peaple you met along the way..Congratulations to the four of you acheiving your own individual goalsi would have loved to be there to see you come over the line to complete your charity goal.even wayne was foning round to find sum1 who wud fly out to you wiv him to meet and greet you all cus hes got inthralled & involved with it too(amazing lol).and most of course you all came through it safely.see you very soon DJ. love you … dad

28 08 2011

thanks dad, epic post… 🙂

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